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Can my Landlord Break my Commercial Property Lease

When someone asks me, “can my landlord break my commercial property lease?” My response is always, “what does your lease contract say?” If they give me a confused look then I know that they could be in big trouble. The reality is that when it comes to either side breaking a property lease it the only protection the tenant has is the lease contract. The day that the landlord decides to tell you to “sling your hook” is not the day to first read the content of your lease. So, can my landlord break my commercial property lease? Yes, if they have sneaked in a “get out early” clause into the contract or if you have signed a lease that doesn’t offer you much protection. Let’s delve a bit deeper into this whole question;

Can my Landlord Break my Commercial Property Lease? Maybe, if they have a ‘get out early’ clause

Commercial property leases are important because they set out your rights and the rights of your landlord. Many of us view these pieces of paper as an inconvenience which we need to sign and get out of the way. Some of us will sign a lease without looking at the content; while others will sign even though they are not sure what all the different provisions mean. This type of approach is risky and is something that could really come back to bite if you are in a position where the landlord wants you out.

A “get out early” clause is a part of the contract that states under what conditions the different sides can break the lease. This is important because not only can it provide provisions for you to be able to escape the lease early but it can also do the same for the landlord. If you signed a lease which stipulated that the landlord could break the lease at a whim then you there might not be much you can do about it. Just signing a piece of paper because the landlord looks trustworthy is a risky move. This is why it often pays to have an expert look over any lease contract so as to ensure that you are properly protected.

Can my landlord break my commercial property lease? Maybe, if they think you won’t challenge them

Even with the law on your side it still might happen that your landlord might try and break the lease; maybe they think that you won’t challenge them. It could be that your landlord is backed into a corner and needs to sell the property. Maybe they lost it in a card game? Who knows? The fact is that your rights are only relevant if you can exert them and to do this you will need to get legal advice. Sometimes the fact that you are threatening to do this will be enough to get the landlord to back down. Other times you will need to get legal representation and have them assert your rights.

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