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Commercial Property Lease Contract

If you are considering leasing your work space then you really need to familiarise yourself with the commercial property lease contract. Failure to understand this document could lead to all kinds of trouble later on and it is vital that you donít sign something until you have satisfied yourself about its content. It really can be that the devil is in the detail so make sure that you look at the small print. It might cost a bit of money to have a professional glance their eye over the commercial property lease contract but this could be money well spent.

What you must understand about the Commercial Property Lease Contract

The first thing that you need to appreciate about the commercial property lease contract is that they can differ in content greatly; especially when it comes to the small print. A commercial lease also differs from a residential lease in a number of ways and you may have fewer rights when it comes to business property. The most important areas of the property lease that you need to concentrate on are to do with; rent, configuration of the space you are renting, the length of the lease, and the means by which the lease can be terminated. Pay particular attention to the clauses in regards to how the owner can terminate the lease or how you can get out of it. Try and think ahead, and plan for the worst case scenario.

There are plenty of other details that you will need to check before signing a lease. If you are a business that will be depending on walk-in customers you will need to ensure that you will be able to put displays outside the building in such a way as to attract people. You might also want to check your commercial property lease contract to make sure that your landlord is not going to be allowed to rent a space right next to you to a competitor.

The Importance of the Commercial Property Lease Contract

It is no exaggeration to say that a commercial property lease contract could make or break your business; it really is that important. You will need to give this contract your full attention and consider it from all angles. Make sure that the rent is affordable and that it canít just be changed at the whim of the landlord. Check that the assigned space given in the contract is going to be suitable for your business needs and that you will be able to advertise as required. Ensure that this is a contract that wonít allow the landlord to remove you with hardly any notice and without a good reason. You also want to ensure that it is as easy as possible for your to escape the contract should the need arise. Just because the landlord gives you a commercial property lease contract to sign it does not mean that you still canít negotiate it. In some cases the landlord might refuse to budge and then you have to decide if it is better to look elsewhere for your business accommodation.

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