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Is a Solicitor Needed for a Commercial Property Lease

Dealing with a commercial property lease without expert help is tempting. After all, is a solicitor needed for a commercial property lease? This service is unlikely to come for free and why spend money that you donít need to spend? There days there is a lot of information available on the web so there is little wonder that people question the need for professional help. It is worth pointing out though, that moving ahead with a commercial property lease without expert advice could be taking a bit of a risk.

Is a Solicitor Needed for a Commercial Property Lease?

To answer this question lets first examine what can happen if you go it alone. In many cases you can get away without any advice; here there is a good relationship between the landlord and tenant and both feel happy with the deal. Neither side might be fully aware of the full content of the lease they share but so long as there is no problem there might not be any need to know. Both sides can probably congratulate themselves on their decision to not waste money on an expert opinion.

Now imagine that the owner of the property has a vacant unit right next door to your second hand book shop. They decide to rent out this unit to another second hand book shop; one that belongs to a successful chain and can offer books far more cheaply then you would be able to and survive. You are appalled and feel that there is no way that the landlord should be able to do this to you. You are not quite sure what the contract says, but surely there must be a clause to prevent them from doing this? Well, if you have not gotten an expert opinion then maybe there is no such protection within the lease and you donít have a leg to stand on in regards to making a complaint. Now ask yourself this question, is a solicitor needed for a commercial property lease?

Perhaps the above example seems unlikely to happen to you so letís provide another one. Imagine you have built up a successful business and you have put a lot of effort into making this new property work for you. What you donít know is that the landlordís husbandís cousin had decided he wants to try his hand at his own business selling magic marbles. The landlord decides to get rid of you and give the property to his in-law; you are given a weekís notice to vacate. Doesnít seem very fair does it? Surely you must be protected against such a move? Now ask yourself again, is a solicitor needed for a commercial property lease?

Do you really need expert advice?

At the end of the day this is a decision you will need to make for yourself. In most instances going ahead without the help of a solicitor will be fine, but you just canít be sure. If you are confused by the contract then you almost certainly do need help.

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