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What solicitor should handle my commercial property lease

If you have decided to seek legal assistance in regards to your commercial property lease then you are probably making a wise move. You may be wondering though, “what solicitor should handle my commercial property lease?” This is actually a good question that can save you a lot of time and possibly money. Different solicitors specialise in different areas of law after all. You wouldn’t really want a tax solicitor defending you in court on an indecent exposure charge and neither would you want a criminal solicitor handling your commercial property lease. So, what solicitor should handle my commercial property lease? Well, just hold on and tell you.

What solicitor should handle my commercial property lease?

The solicitor best suited to handling your commercial property lease is a commercial property solicitor. These guys might not do work quite as interesting as the solicitors on the American show ‘law and order’ but they know their stuff when it comes to commercial property. Not only will these solicitors be able to help you handle your commercial property lease but they will also be able to defend your rights if your landlord decides to mess with them. If you want your business to be a success, then it pay to act like a professional; part of this is getting the best advice and representation.

Do you really need a commercial property solicitor?

This is another good question and can be just as important as knowing, “what solicitor should handle my commercial property lease?” It can be tempting to try and do without legal advice and just sign whatever contract the landlord hands to you; this way you save a bit of money on legal fees. This is something you might very well get away with if you have a fairly good understanding about this type of contract. It is also taking a risk that could later really back fire on you. It might mean being locked into a lease that you can’t get out of; even if your business starts to fall apart. Having a solicitor deal with your commercial property lease means that they can look after your interests in the lease contract; this is the only real weapon you will later have to defend yourself with.

A lease contract can be really confusing and it is often not only what is said that is the problem but what is not said. If it is not in the contract then there is nothing to stop your landlord form renting out the space in the unit next to you to your competition. If they can come in and undercut you then this could easily ruin you. A commercial property solicitor will be aware of this risk and will have made sure you are protected in the lease contract. There are many other situations and problems that need to be covered and it is probably only a property solicitor that will include these in the lease contract; you can’t really expect the landlord to be looking out for your interests too much.

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