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What to Consider when Leasing Commercial Properties

Knowing what to consider when leasing commercial properties is important. This is a big decision and getting it wrong could really ruin your chances of business success. A property is not just an address and leasing is not the only option. The needs of different businesses will vary greatly but when it comes to what to consider when leasing commercial properties there are some commonalities.

What to consider when leasing commercial properties; do you really want to lease?

Leasing is only one option when it comes to getting property for your business. There are some good benefits associated with buying your property. It should mean that you will pay less money over the long-term and buying means you have an asset; no matter how long you lease a property you will never actually own it. The other benefit of owning your own property is that it allows you a lot more freedom as to how to use the building and you don’t have to worry about the landlord deciding to break the contract.

Despite the benefits of buying there are some good reasons why you might choose to lease. The number one reason is that most small businesses just wouldn’t be able to afford such an investment; even those that can might be unwise to tie up their financial capital this way. Leasing can mean having a lot more money to devote to other more important things. Getting into debt so that they can own their property could be a suicidal move for a new company.

What to consider when leasing commercial properties; the contract

The difference between a successful and disastrous lease is most often the contract you sign. It really is important to stress here that you should never sign any lease contract unless you fully understand it and feel happy with the content. You will want to make sure that you are happy with the rent, the area that you are leasing, and the provisions that allow either party to escape the lease. If you intend to attract customers to your property then you will need to insure that the provisions in regards to advertising outside the building are appropriate. If the landlord is renting you space in a larger building then you will want a clause that prevents them from renting the unit next door to you to your competition. Only sign the contract once you are fully satisfied with everything; it might be advisable to pay a bit of money and have a professional look at it.

What to consider when leasing commercial properties; conclusion

The two most important things to consider when it comes to leasing commercial properties is that you have decided that leasing really is the best option and you understand your leasing contract. If these two conditions have not been met then it is probably best to spend some more time considering your options. Making a mistake with this decision really could have grave implications for your business success.

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